Furqaan Academy Online

FAO difference

Online learning does not have to be students attending pre-recorded lessons. At FAO, we offer 100% LIVE instructional classes that students can attend from the comfort of their homes or from our registered Networked Learning Centers. FAO programs are centrally managed by our experienced management team.

Top Reasons to enroll in FAO
1. Live Classes

We offer LIVE classes for ALL subjects, five days a week which provide an interactive learning experience. Students engage in real-time discussions with their teachers and peers. Moreover, our teachers explain concepts and evaluate student progress. This means less burden and stress on the parents. Parent supervision is required only on homework assignments.

2. Fixed Schedule

Fixed schedules provide structure and consistency, which helps students stay on track and stay motivated. With fixed schedules, students learn to manage their time more effectively and are accountable for actively  participating in classes.

3. Integrates Hifdh of Quran

Our program integrates Hifdh of Quran (2hrs/day) with Arabic language, Islamic Studies and standard state curriculum (1st – 7th grade).

4. Integrates Junior Alim Program

Along with a standard state curriculum our program integrates a junior Alim program that focuses on Fiqh, Aqidah Hadith & Tafsir in grades 8th to 12th

5. Quran Memorization

Our programs focus beyond Quran memorization. It focuses on understanding the Quran and implementing it into our students’ daily lives. Students memorize the Quran with an emphasis on makharij (pronunciation) and tajweed (rules of recitation) and at a pace custom to each student.

6. Islamic Adaab

Our program incorporates tarbiya to teach our students proper Islamic adaab (manners) and akhlaq (etiquettes).

7. Structured learning environment

At our Networked Learning Centers, students attend their grade level online classes under the supervision of a Furqaan Academy Staff member. Students, whether online or onsite, are required to follow the Islamic dress code and take ownership of their learning and gaining knowledge.

8. Social interaction and Tolerance

Online learning invites a variety of collaborative social opportunities. Students can socialize with young Muslims from around the United States. They learn to respect people from different countries/backgrounds and gain more knowledge about other cultures within Islamic communities.

9. A Highly Qualified and Encouraging Staff

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in the subjects they teach. With their experience they tailor the lesson plans to suit the individual needs of the students.

10. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students are trained to deliver Friday Khutbahs, deliver motivational speeches, teach Quran to others, and deliver Halaqahs – all of which we hope will inspire a generation of ideal Muslims and Muslimahs, Insha’Allah.