Furqaan Academy Online

Middle School Grades 6-8

Language Arts/ Reading/ Writing

Middle school students shift gears and turn their focus and learning to more advance topics in the English language. Students will be immersed in reading novels and literary pieces among various genres such as fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Emphasis on writing skills will elaborate on various essays including analysis, research/evidence based, and formal pieces with a greater degree of essay structure, grammar, and vocabulary requirements. Reading comprehension strategies are implemented to improve skills.


Middle school mathematics builds the skills that are essential for success in secondary and postsecondary education. Students polish their basic arithmetic skills and build algebra, geometry, and problem solving skills. Many mathematical concepts are covered included equations, probability, solving for variables, and word problems. Students will also learn test taking and problem solving strategies


In this dynamic field that requires dedication, students will be exposed to learning the scientific process and inquiry skills. These skills will be essential for core class requirements such as Science Fair and scientific writing in hands-on, laboratory experiences. Middle school follows a curriculum of various scientific topics that are divided among the three years.


Students will have the solid foundations of elementary Arabic to expand on the language. Topics of focus include deep conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and Quranic Arabic. Quranic Arabic is a unique part of this discipline that allows students to understand the Quran and tafseer.

Islamic Studies Grades 6 & 7

During middle school, students will learn deep knowledge about applying Islam to their daily lives as these are the unique and crucial years for young adolescents. Students will learn about the companions of the Prophet (SAW), history of the Prophets from Quran, hadith, and tafseer.


Students will continue with Quran memorization according to their current position. Quran is an intense and core component of the integrated middle school curriculum. Each student is evaluated based on review, recitation of current lesson, tajweed, and behavior.