Furqaan Academy Online

Networked Learning Center

Networked Learning Centers (NLC) are physical spaces where students from the same community can gather to take their online classes. Local masajid, Islamic organizations, and community centers that have classrooms, can sign up to become a center. These centers provide a more engaging and safe learning environment and help keep students motivated.  Students can collaborate and interact with each other that fosters a sense of community and support.

At a NLC, students will sit in a multi-grade classroom and join their grade level classes from their computer stations under the supervision of a Furqaan Academy staff member. Parents will pick and drop their child(ren) to the center. The FAO staff members will supervise drop off, pick up, lunch, prayer and recess activities.

By becoming a Networked Learning center, the local masajid will be able to provide an opportunity to the community where a Full time Islamic School doesn’t exist. If your local masjid is interested in signing up as a Networked Learning Center, please contact our office at (630) 914-5015 Ext 701.