Furqaan Academy Online


Furqaan Academy Online is a 1st – 12th grade Full-Time Islamic School with Integrated Hifdh. Our vision is to raise good Muslim citizens who are strong in faith, well-grounded in the Quranic knowledge, and have a strong foundation in academics.

Furqaan Academy, founded in 2008, is the manifestation of Al-Furqaan Foundation’s vision to develop students who are grounded in the Quran – a Quranic generation. As an organization devoted to the service of the Quran in the west, the Al-Furqaan Foundation wants to ensure that the upcoming generations will come closer to the Quran by understanding its language and by proper training of implementing the Quran and Sunnah in their daily lives. The choice of being a Muslim should be a natural choice, due to their understanding of the deen and not merely as a virtue of being born in the faith.

Following the success of a couple of schools on the same model, Al-Furqaan Foundation launched the Online school in September 2022.