Furqaan Academy Online

Learning Models

Our goal is to make  Islamic education available to communities that do not have the resources to build an Islamic School. Over the past few years, there has been an increased number of Muslim families opting for homeschooling for their children as a solution to counter a morally degrading and un-Islamic environment . While homeschooling may have been the only solution, Furqaan Academy presents two alternate models: Fully online Live Instruction Model and Masjid Based Blended learning Model

I) Fully Online Live Instruction Model

Unlike many online schools that offer a video/self paced online solution, Furqaan Academy Online is a LIVE online solution where students are attending a networked classroom replicating a regular classroom environment. Our qualified teachers conduct live instructional classes, evaluate progress, grade and provide the educational support students need. This relieves the burden of the parent to work with students daily.

II) Masjid Based Blended Learning Model

This unique model combines the convenience of the above model with the structure and support of on-campus instruction.

In this model, students from the local community assemble daily at the masjid under the supervision of a Furqaan Staff member. There they sit in a multi grade classroom for students and attend their respective grade class virtually through their computer station. Each child is equipped with a laptop, and a headset to attend their respective class. The staff member ensures the student participation and engagement.